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Google+ Saw Half as Many Unique Visitors as Twitter

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No one is
going to confuse the fledgling Google+ social network with Facebook and its 845
million worldwide users.

what Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) CEO Larry Page claimed is 90 million users total
people won’t even confuse Google+ with Twitter, which reportedly has more than
200 million users.

And yet,
Google+ in December saw 20 million unique visitors, or nearly half that of
Twitter, which garnered 40.4 million users the last month of 2011, according to
market researcher Compete.

Those 20
million unique users, a primary indicator of popularity after user engagement,
were accompanied by 50 million visits and 200 million page views.

Compete said the landing page for the Google+
1 button
, installed on thousands of blogs and Websites to help users signal
things they favor, has grown to more than 40 million unique visitors.

These starts
aren’t too shabby for a social network that only launched to the general public
from its “limited field test” sandbox in late September. Yet Google+
still has a hard time winning over converts the way Facebook, which last week
filed for a $5 billion initial public offering (IPO), has.

That’s because
Google is pretty cagey about announcing actual user engagement for the site—that
is, how many people are interacting with Google+, sharing posts and photos,
participating in Hangouts, and engaging in other social activities on the

For example,
Facebook said half of its 800 million-plus users log into its Website on any
given day. The average user is connected to 130 friends, family members and
other people on the network. The average user is also connected to 80 community
pages, groups and events on Facebook, where some 250 million photos are
uploaded each day.

Yet without
the user engagement stats, Compete remains bullish on Google+ growth prospects.
The researcher expects Google’s “Search, plus your world” feature
will help the company funnel more traffic to Google+ by incorporating Google+
posts and photos into users’ search results.

Google’s new privacy policy involves tucking 60 product policies under one
large privacy policy and treating users of those services as individual Google
account holders for those services.

streamlined privacy policy was also a necessary addition to the multiproduct
platform and should be a great way to continue to experiment with product
offerings in 2012,” Compete
wrote in a blog post Feb. 8

newly updated policy will also aid in serving the most pertinent ads to the
appropriate consumers, across a more unified product portfolio. This will also
provide the ability to serve the most relevant ads to target consumers.”

We’re quite
sure consumers can’t wait for that … unless and until those social ads get
annoying as they sometimes can be on Facebook.


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